Halloween Costume Project Report

Project Statement: Make your own Halloween costume with in 20$ budget.

Step 1: Analysis Phase: Think on what sort of costume you want to design?
Chosen fairy, because not many 5th graders want to be fairies anymore. First I wanted to do modern fairy. But that would have been too hard and past the budget. I decided on Fall Fairy.

Step 2: Requirements Phase: Identified all items to wear. Wings, Mask, Wand, Head band Tiara

Step 3: Procurement Process:
Write down Items required
Place Where You Get It and Cost.
Visit the shop and purchase items and apply coupons if applicable.

Step 4: Building Phase:

Wings: Choose wing shape. Draw a scale model, Blow up on to card board which suits your body measurements. Cut the card board. Took the leaves and arranged them in pattern. Stapled to ends. Applied glitter on wings.

Attaching Wings to back: It is little bit tricky. Took ribbon. Brainstormed many ideas. Decided on back pack straps model. Took Velcro and attached to wings. Tied ribbons to Velcro and attached wings to Back.

Step 5: Cost Analysis
Used Google docs to write down cost and tax of each items. Used charts to display price break up.

Step 6: Clean up

Step 7: Going for Halloween parade
Hurry ….party time….. : )


IMG_8621IMG_8619 IMG_8620  IMG_8622 IMG_8623 IMG_8624 IMG_8626 IMG_8627 IMG_8628 IMG_86292013_10_26_11_48_52_Halloween_Project_Cost

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