The Engineering design process

The Engineering design process

Script for Recording
Date: 4/20/2014
By: Tejaswi Polimetla

S1: The Engineering design process by Tejaswi Polimetla

S2: How do engineers know what to build? How do they build things? How do they eliminate bad ideas? All of these questions have one answer, THE ENGINEERING DESIGN PROCESS!!!! All inventions come from somewhere right , well engineers use the engineering design process to create inventions. Believe it or not , many people believe that even leonardo da vinci used this process

S3: Step one. Define the problem. Every invention needs to fulfill a need whether it is to inform or entertain, or even do some simple task such as clean a room. So before you start anything decide what your invention needs to do.

S4: Step 2. Research the problem. Doing some research and getting background knowledge about the problem can help you come up with ideas for your invention.

S5: Step 3. Brainstorm solutions. Put your ideas to the paper. Keep in mind to come up with multiple ideas so you can juggle ideas around and come with the best possible invention.

S6: Step 4. Pick the best solution. Make sure that the idea fulfils all the requirements. If it does not pick a different one or modify the idea so that it meets the requirements.

S7: Step 5. Build a prototype. Most prototypes that are built use cheaper materials than the actual invention.

S8: Test and redesign. Do a trial run of the prototype and make sure it works. Most likely the invention won’t work the 1st time so modify it and test it again. This step can go on an endless amount of times because it is all about trial and error.

S9: Communicate the results. Tell other people about your invention. If you want to protect it so no one else can copy it you should get a patent. A patent protects your invention from copycats.

S10: So as you can see the engineering design process can help you make an awesome invention. Keep in mind that this process can go on endlessly for eternity so do not worry if you fail the first time.I hope you learned how engineers build invention using the engineering design process and that it is harder than saying abracadabra invention appear.


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This is Result of Genius Hour Project.
For 5th Graders they given 1 hour each week.
They need to identify topic and need to do research.
Finally they need to present what they learned in this process.
This is complete self study with help of Google/Youtube.
No help from parents / teachers.
Total time spent: 15 to 20 hours.

7 thoughts on “The Engineering design process

  1. Thank you Tejaswi, this process is simple, but everywhere I’ve worked people keep forgetting to do Step 1.

  2. Really good job Tejaswi!!. It is a commendable effort at such a young age. Keep it up… Thank you

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