Be Inspired

Be inspired right now
Inspire others, it doesn’t matter how
Change the world every moment, every chance
Do it through a song, an invention, art or a dance

You can change your country, world, or even your town
Take every chance that people give you and never back down.
Every great person always starts small,
But they will fight back even when they fall.

So make your mark and change the planet
Show the world your hidden talent.
Inspire others, it doesn’t matter how,
Just be inspired, be inspired right now.


Tejaswi Polimetla
Hyderabad, India

20 thoughts on “Be Inspired

  1. Excellent poem. Really this girl is awesome in the words. So far I haven’t seen anyone with this age with these extraordinary thinking and explanation.

  2. Nice Poem Tejaswi,
    Keep More Of Them Coming,
    Make our days more Inspiring,

    Unlock the potential of your words,
    Soar your imagination, and fly with the birds,

    Noble intentions set you free,
    Fill your heart, full of glee.

  3. Great going Tejaswi!… This is very thoughtful and inspiring. It’s really amazing to see such write-ups coming from you in such an young age. I am just curious to see how this list grows over time…..keep it up!

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