Art Work



Dripping Lipstick


This is an original piece done by myself. I spent about two and a half hours working on this piece. I found it quite hilarious as it portrays the real life scenario of women wearing excessive amounts of makeup. the smudges and drips portray the reality that is that the makeup is smothering rather than enhancing the details of the face.



Sonic Waves

This is an original piece done by myself. It is of a sonic wave, however it can be whatever the viewer makes it out to be. It took me about an hour and a half to do this piece. It consists of many fine strokes which make up the wave.



Festive Bird

This is a piece of a bird with some ornaments and ribbon. It is a very festive piece that can be displayed year round. It can make a great gift for a loved one.





Sailboat on a Lake

This is an original piece done by myself. It is of a sailboat on a lake. It is a piece that was done by using chalk pastels along with acrylics.



Tropical Parrot

This is a painting of a parrot in the forest. It uses many different artistic techniques. It is very bright and vibrant and will bring color to any room you put it in!


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