A wave of change

It won’t shout from the mountain tops,
Grand gestures; there will be none.
But slowly and steadily,
Its time will come.

You won’t notice at first,
But then it will hit you,
It’s real!
What on Earth can we do?

You’ll deny it and hide,
You’ll scream and run.
This can’t go on forever,
Something has to be done.

You’ll decide to face it,
How bad can this be?
To test the waters,
You dip your toes in the sea.

The waters rise up,
But you’re ready to face it.
Whatever it throws at you,
You decide to embrace it.

You finally conquer it,
Your inner peace restored.
But wait, what’s that?
Here is comes once more!

-Tejaswi Polimetla

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