Living Robots

I am a robot of society,
made in a factory called school.
There are so many dumb dress codes, and
so many dumb rules.
They tell us how to think,
and they tell us how to be .
Oh man,
Even AI has more creativity!
But you can be whatever you  want to right?
A musician, a Dancer, an artist, a …
Uh, sorry, I meant engineer or a doctor.

But what are we gonna do without
the actors and the directors?
The musicians and the artists
that keep us all together?
Remember the AI, I was talking about?
It may be the only place where
Creativity sprouts!
And what about the millions of doctors
you made?
With so many others,
they’re no more lives to be saved!
And what about the engineers with no
new ideas?
Just coding from 9 to 5,
how’s that gonna help  us?

Are you starting to see the flaw in your system now?
Or are you still blinded by  the  big ol cash  cow?
Just think about the entire next generation.
They aren’t gonna have any new innovations!
And then what are they gonna do?
Oh wait, I forgot,
The only one to blame is Y-O-U.


-Tejaswi Polimetla

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