DIY Notebooks! Part 1:

Hey everyone! I decided to make some cute DIY notebooks because I didn’t really like the covers already on the notebooks. First I just wrapped the notebooks with some brown protective paper that you can find pretty much at any stationary store. Then I added the designs on top of that.

For the elephant one, I referenced a picture from Google images and sketched that onto the notebook with a pencil, added a balloon because I thought it looked cool and traced the doodle with a Micron pen. I added some color to the elephant’s ears and cheeks with some crimson drawing ink. After that, I painted on the word “breathe” with some gold, metallic watercolor paint.

As for the striped on, I saw the idea on Pinterest and wanted to recreate the notebook. I just painted the rectangular sections with some drawing ink and some metallic watercolor paint. After that dried, I took a Micron pen and drew on a bunch of vertical lines in a random pattern.

I’m really happy with how these turned out and I can’t wait to share even more notebooks with you in the coming weeks!


Elephant picture:

Striped notebook:

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