Camera Angles and What They Say About Your Picture

With the number of landscapes, selfies, and cappuccinos on social media platforms like Instagram and Tumblr, how come only a select few of them really grab your attention? The answer- camera angles.

Image result for aesthetic camera


1.The Bird’s Eye View:

This angle gives the viewer a top of the scene. It is often used to establish the setting.

Image result for birds eye view cappuccino

2. High Angles:

A high angle looks down upon a subject. It often makes the subject seem vulnerable.

Thor and Captain America

3.  Low Angles:

Low angles do the opposite of high angles. They make the subject seem powerful and like a figure of authority.

Image result for low angle star trek
Star Trek

4. The Dutch Angle:

This angle is a slightly tilted angle. It is used to demonstrate the confusion of the character.

Image result for dutch angle batman
The Joker

5. Over the Shoulder:

The Over the Shoulder angle gives the viewer the same perspective as the subject. It is used to show the viewer what the subject is seeing.

Image result for over the shoulder shot riverdale

-Tejaswi Polimetla
August 3rd, 2017