The Butterfly

A caterpillar hatching,
Eating eats way into the world,
Wraps into a cocoon,
Used for its silk, before
Spreading its beautiful wings

A flower blooming,
Forming a bud before the world,
Blossoms into a flower
Plucked off the branch, before
Growing into everlasting beauty

A proud leopard,
Sporting its spots for the world,
Runs like lighting,
Is hunted for its skin, before
Running like a true beauty once again

A creative dreamer,
Painting, dancing and singing for the world
Pours imagination like a fountain
Forced into normal thinking, before
Getting a chance to change the world

Tejaswi Polimetla


On the stage, the dancer
moves and sways like the
trees in a strong wind.
Spins and twirls, in the
light, dimmed.

Down the hall, the musician
plays a piece like the
chirping birds on a branch.
strums and beats, as the
time start to pass.

On a canvas, the artist
points and draws as
beautifully as a flower beams.
Strokes and sketches, what she
sees in her dreams.

On the Earth, many
animals graze, as we
do as well, and
flowers release beautiful
fragrance for us to smell.

In the planet,
nature is so diverse
and needs to be protected.
All plants and animals
need to be respected.

Tejaswi Polimetla
Theme: How art, dance and music are depicting nature

The Tiger

There once was a tiger from Zing Zanga Ma Zoo.

He was happy there until some people took him to a place far and new.

It looked like the country as you can see.

He said to himself “this isn’t the place for me”.

The tiger made his escape on a plane.

He said to the pilot “I don’t have time to explain”.

He asked for directions from a passing bear.

When the tiger got home he said to his friends

“I went to the country and decided you couldn’t pay me to live THERE”

  2014-06-12 08_47_16-The Tiger2


By Tejaswi Polimetla

April-18-2012, 3rd Grade,

Vanderlyn Elementary School, Dunwoody, GA